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CRO Buttons
Optimize UX & CR

Shopify Conversion Rate Optimization app. Best buttons that boost sales, and make customers happy!

5.0 (+645 reviews)
*14-day free trial for new customers. Cancel any time.

Buttons from best eCom stores

Equip your store with the best button of ecommerce giants like: Shopee, Lazada, Newchic, Shein, Banggood...
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Delightful shopping buttons

We have a collection of buttons to make shopping easy and fun for your shopper: contact, quick links, add-to-cart, buy-now.
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Boost sales like the Pro

Increase cart value and AOV by letting shoppers know how close they are to receiving a promo, gift or free shipping. Multiple custom pages.

Buttons from the best ecommerce stores

Equip your store with the superpowers of ecommerce giants like: Shopee, Lazada, Newchic, Shein, Banggood..

They spend million dollars on their buttons, let steal from them.


with and without CRO Buttons on Home page, Product page..

Let's add a super helpful and friendly navigation menu to your store front, home page and cart page.

8+ mobile buttons

that help your customers reach you. Be there to help customers when they make buying decisions:

  • Call Hotline
  • Chat via Messenger, LiveChat, etc..
  • Link to any page
  • Send an Email
  • Contact Form
  • Open Cart page
  • Add to cart
  • Buy Now (one click checkout)

Boost sales like the Pro

with scenarios to increase cart value and AOV in 3 steps:
  1. Show promotion available
  2. Show spending target to receive the promotion
  3. Show congratulation and detail of promotion

Ecommerce event tracking (no code)

Setting up your ecommerce tracking with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels. Just type in the event name and get your tracking code up and running with our plug-and-play functionality.

Size chart or extra info.

Show size guide for special products like shoes, undergarment,...

Integrates with:

  • Avada Size Chart: Size Guide
  • Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender

or link to extra page information

Animation effect

Easy to add animation to every button, just one click.

Increase and boost sales conversions with highlighted animated buttons.

Sticky Add-to-cart bar

On desktop, our Add-to-Cart sticky buttons follow and increase the chance the customer adds more products to their basket.

Customer shopping experience is like a walk in the park with an always follow button wherever they go.

Product Review ready

Easy to integration product review with CRO Button popup.

Integrates with:

  • LAI Product Review
  • Loox Product Reviews 
  • Shopify Product Reviews
  • Stamped Product Reviews
  • Fera Product Reviews
  • Yotpo Product Reviews
  • Automize Product Reviews
  • ... and more

Why Choose CRO Buttons?


1-Click Setup

Getting started with us is simple and fast. No need to enter unneeded information.
No coding require

No Coding Required

You don’t need to be a developer to start using our app. Just you and your laptop.

Fits Any Shopify Theme

Fully compatible with all Shopify themes. No need to check compatibility.

Buttons for the best ecommerce stores

The only UX optimization app you need

Pro plan – $4.9/mo.

14-day free trial for new customers. Cancel any time.

Easy and secure payment

Trusted payment methods

Pay with credit cards, PayPal.
Group 8

Secure payments

Processed by Shopify top secure payment

Cancel any time

Easy to cancel your subscription. No questions asked.

Frequently asked questions

Haven't got your answer? Contact our support now

1. Can I try the application for free?​​

Yes, you can. You have a 14-day free trial.

2. Are the features of the trial period different from the paid plan?

The features of the trial and paid plans are the same. So you can use all the features completely free during the free trial.

3. Can I get a longer trial period?

All the payments are set up automatically with Shopify, so you will can’t get a longer trial period (14-day)

4. When will I be charged?

You have a 14-day free trial, after that you will be charged according to your subscription plan.

5. I have paused my Shopify store, will I still be charged?

When you pause your store the app automatically stops the billing.

6. How does the trial system work?

When you install our app for the first time, you can use it free of charge for 14 days (the trial period).

During the installation process, you will see a charge approval page.

The trial period can be enjoyed only once for each store. If the trial period were available every time the app is installed, a store could uninstall and re-install the app many times to use the app forever.

If you don’t want to be charged when the trial period expires, you have to uninstall the app before that date.

The CRO Buttons app has a trial period of 14 days. You can re-install the app any number of times within those 14 days and you will not be charged.

On the other hand, if you uninstall the app and install it again after the trial period, you will be charged immediately.

In order to, you can make the most of your trial period, we keep track of the number of days the subscription was active in your store. If you uninstall the app and install it another time, you will see a page like the following where you can see exactly how many days of the trial period have already been enjoyed and how many days remain

7. How do I remove an app?

You can remove an app from the Apps page in your Shopify admin by clicking Delete next to the app name.

8. Can I edit or customize the app script?
  • The app script cannot be changed.
  • The app script is generated on the server side and sent to the web clients on every request. This script is also minimized before sending it to the client in order to reduce the download time.
  • The script is updated regularly to add new features or fix bugs but you don’t have to bother about it, everything happens automatically from our side.
9. Can I set the button colors and change the other icons?
  • Of course. You can completely reset icons, button colors, promotional content,…according to your style.
  • There are hundreds of settings that you can easily change according to your needs. The manual is also very understandable. You can find it in this document.

Start your 14-day free trial

Enjoy the best UX optimization app with delightful buttons from top ecommerce sites that will help boost your store conversion rate. If you don’t like our app, simply cancel any time during free trial period and you won’t be charged.

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