1. Use Video On Your Landing Page

Nobody cares about your wall of text. And you want your customer to read all that text instead of clicking on the buy button?!
Nowadays, people are visual creatures. Let’s save them the hassle and help them get their things. And they will appreciate you with more sales.

2. Put CTA Above The Fold

According to UX veterans at the NN Group, customers don’t scroll much below the fold, people engage 84% more with things above the fold. If you have something you want your friends to click, put it near the top section of your site.

3. No Navigation On Landing Page

Your ultimate goal in ecommerce strategy is: don’t let the visitors run away. You can do this by closing all possible distractions, or links to elsewhere. Let’s agree on this principle: your landing page must be naked, don’t wear them with navigation. Let the customers focus on you and your offer, and complete the conversion.

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