Music can enhance the mood and atmosphere of your Shopify store. It can also attract customers, increase engagement, and boost sales. But finding and licensing the right music can be costly and complicated. That’s why you need an AI music generator that can help you create and customize music for your store in seconds. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best AI music generators for Shopify and how they can help you create amazing music for your store.

Best AI music generator Shopify


MuseNet is a deep neural network that uses unsupervised technology to generate 4-minute musical compositions with 10 different instruments, blending styles from country to Mozart to the Beatles. The platform was not explicitly programmed with human understanding of music, but instead discovered patterns of harmony, rhythm, and style by learning to predict the next token in hundreds of thousands of MIDI files.

Key features:

  • Wide Range of Styles: MuseNet can blend generations and styles in novel ways, allowing users to explore a variety of musical styles that the model can create.
  • Simple Mode: In simple mode, users can choose a composer or style, or even an optional start of a famous piece, and start generating random uncurated samples that have been pre-generated.
  • 10 Instruments: MuseNet can generate compositions with 10 different instruments, allowing for a wide range of musical expressions.


Voicemod is a free real-time AI voice changer and soundboard that allows users to express themselves in new and unique ways. With Voicemod, users can build their sonic identity for platforms like Roblox, OBS, VRChat, Discord, and more.

Key features:

  • Real-Time AI Voice Changer: Voicemod adds real-time voice changing and custom sound effects to every game and communication desktop app. Users can sound like a robot, demon, chipmunk, woman, man, or anything else they can imagine
  • Soundboard: Users can use custom keybinds with the Voicemod soundboard to play the perfect sound effect at just the right moment. Enjoy the sound effects included with Voicemod or load up your own MP3 or WAV files
  • Video Streaming Apps:Users can use extra audio effects and modified voices to enhance their video streams. Chat Apps- Add surprises to your next voice message with the voice transformer

Pricing: Free

Vocal Remover

Vocal Remover is a powerful online application that uses advanced AI algorithms to separate vocals from music in a song.

Key features:

  • Vocal Removal: Vocal Remover can remove vocals from a song, creating a karaoke version of the track
  • Vocal Isolation: Vocal Remover can also isolate vocals from a song, creating an acapella version of the track
  • AI Algorithms: Vocal Remover uses advanced AI algorithms to separate vocals from instrumental tracks

Pricing: Free


LANDR is a comprehensive platform that allows musicians to create, collaborate, master, distribute, and promote their music all in one place.

Key features:

  • Connect with collaborators in real-time, trade feedback through notes and videos, and access a community of professionals to help take your track to the next level.
  • Upload a track and let LANDR’s powerful, AI-driven mastering engine do the rest. The engine listens to your songs and applies a fast, reliable master without ever using presets, making it the trusted mastering tool for music industry powerhouses.
  • LANDR offers over 100 in-depth, interactive music production, promotion, and theory tutorials from top education platforms to help you hone your skills.
  • LANDR Studio allows you to create and release more music for one low price, with access to plugins, samples, mastering, distribution, and more.

Pricing: $12.50/mo


Soundraw is an AI music generator that provides creators with unlimited possibilities to create royalty-free music.

Key features:

  • Soundraw uses advanced AI algorithms to generate beautiful songs based on the user’s mood, genre, and desired length.
  • Users can customize the generated songs by making changes to the intro, chorus, or other elements to match the music to their video.
  • With Soundraw, creators can generate unlimited music, giving them the freedom to create the perfect soundtrack for their videos without having to search for the right song.

Pricing:$US16.99/ month


Shutterstock is a popular platform that provides a wide range of digital content, including images, videos, music, and more.

Key features:

  • Access to PremiumBeat’s Exclusive Music Library: Shutterstock now offers access to the exclusive music library of PremiumBeat, providing users with access to high-quality, royalty-free music for their projects.
  • Wide Range of Digital Content: Shutterstock offers a vast library of digital content, including images, videos, music, and more, making it a one-stop-shop for all your digital media needs.
  • Customizable Licenses: Shutterstock offers customizable licenses that allow users to choose the level of usage rights they need for their projects, making it a flexible and cost-effective option.
  • Audio Editing Glossary: Shutterstock also provides an Audio Editing Glossary, which is a comprehensive guide to audio recording and editing terminology, making it a useful resource for audio professionals and beginners alike.



Songtell is a web-based platform that uses AI to provide instant interpretations of song lyrics in several languages.

Key features:

Songtell uses AI to generate comprehensive databases of song meaning interpretations, making it a valuable resource for people who want to understand the deeper meanings of songs in languages they don’t understand.

Pricing: Free is an innovative platform that uses advanced AI music generation techniques to create customizable royalty-free music that elevates your story.

Key features:

  • uses advanced AI music generation techniques to compose unique mood-based music to suit every part of your video or podcast.
  • With, you can customize the length, genre, mood, and instruments to create your music tracks, giving you unlimited possibilities to create the perfect soundtrack for your content.
  • delivers production-ready music with industry-standard mixing and mastering, ensuring that your music is of the highest quality and ready to use in your content.

Pricing:$20 Per month


Boomy is an AI-powered music creation platform that allows users to unleash their creativity and create original songs in seconds, even if they have never made music before.

Key features:

  • Boomy uses advanced AI algorithms to generate original songs in seconds. Users can choose from a wide range of styles, genres, and instruments, and the AI will create a unique song based on their preferences.
  • Boomy allows users to submit their songs to streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube, and get paid when people listen to their music.
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