You want to increase your sales for your Shopify store by optimizing SEO? You want to improve your website ranking on Google ? You want to know the best keywords, titles and descriptions for your products and categories? You need an AI SEO assistant tool to help you do all that easily and smartly. In this article, we will introduce you to the best AI SEO assistants for Shopify and how to use them effectively

Best AI SEO assistant Shopify


JenniAI is a powerful tool designed to enhance research and writing capabilities. Its features include research assistance, citation tools, and editing capabilities. The tool allows users to get suggestions whenever they are stuck or expand their notes into full paragraphs, ensuring they never have to write alone. JenniAI can help with a variety of content types, including essays, blog posts, literature reviews, personal statements, stories, and speeches. With JenniAI, users can save hours writing their papers and create more compelling, high-quality content.

Key features:

  • AI Autocomplete: Autocomplete will write alongside you to beat writer’s block
  • In-text Citations: Jenni consults the latest research and cites in APA, MLA, IEEE, or Harvard style
  • Paraphrase & Rewrite: Paraphrase any text in any tone. Rewrite the internet customized to you
  • Customize Styles: Choose your tone and type for personalized AI generations



Copymatic is an AI-powered tool that helps users save time and boost traffic by automatically generating unique, engaging, and high-quality copy or content.

Key features:

  • The tool offers a Long-Form AI Content Writer that can turn a short description into a 1,000+ word article, generating all article elements, such as titles, intros, outlines, content, or conclusions.
  • Users can write unlimited SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content for their blog, with the AI trained with the knowledge of content writers and conversion experts to ensure high-quality output.
  • Copymatic offers a Chrome extension that provides access to 80+ AI writing tools, including a revolutionary AI chat assistant called CopyChat. With Copymatic, users can unlock the power of AI across the web and write any type of content using AI wherever they need it the most.



VidIQ is an advanced growth tool designed to help video creators boost their YouTube views and grow their channel.
The tool provides free insights and guidance to keep YouTube channels growing, and users can track and compare their performance in real-time to never miss an opportunity to get more views and make money from their videos.

Key features:

  • VidIQ offers keyword, title, and description recommendations to get more views and subscribers for free, and Daily Ideas provides personalized inspiration to boost growth.
  • The tool also saves hours of research time by providing personalized prompts for the next video idea.
    VidIQ’s View Prediction feature allows users to focus their efforts and see forecasted performance for each idea.



Writesonic is an advanced AI-powered tool that helps users create SEO-optimized and plagiarism-free content for their blogs, ads, emails, and websites 10X faster.
The tool features GPT-4 on all paid plans to write SEO-optimized marketing copy for blogs, Facebook ads, Google Ads, Quora answers, and sales emails to increase clicks, conversions, and sales.

Key features:

  • Writesonic offers AI-driven editing tools, including Paraphraser, Expander, and Shortener, to help users polish their content to perfection.
  • Writesonic can generate engaging, SEO-optimized titles, descriptions, and benefit bullet points for e-commerce stores’ products.
  • The tool also features Chatsonic, an AI chatbot that can quickly answer users’ questions and write about the latest trends and turn text into art, creating stunning images for marketing campaigns.

Pricing: $12.67/month


Copyleaks is an AI-based text analysis tool that empowers originality, inspires authenticity, and helps users create and protect original content.

Key features:

  • Copyleaks also provides an award-winning plagiarism detection feature that helps users identify potential plagiarism, detect AI-generated content, and more.
  • The tool’s AI Grader is a revolutionary solution for quickly and accurately assessing tens of thousands of standardized tests at the state, national, and university-wide level.

Pricing: $6.87/Month

Content at Scale

Content at Scale is an innovative tool designed to help users publish high-ranking content instantly. The tool’s high-quality SEO content writer is built to meet Google’s EEAT requirements and can cut content production time and costs by 10x. Users can generate research-backed long-form posts in minutes from a keyword, YouTube URL, podcast, existing blog, or custom audio file.

Key features:

  • Long Form Content: AI produces blog posts that average 2,667 words and makes recommendations based on what already ranks for the target keyword.
  • No AI Detection: AI produces content so human-like, that it bypasses AI content detection.
  • Plagiarism Scan: Direct integration with Copyscape. At the click of a button, run a scan and if there are any issues, they will be highlighted.
  • WordPress: The plugin syncs your content, uses semantically relevant keywords to build internal links automatically, and so much more.

Pricing: $250


Undetectable.AI is a cutting-edge tool that allows users to convert AI-generated text into content that is virtually indistinguishable from human-generated text. It is an ideal solution for marketers, content creators, and researchers who need to create content that will not trigger spam from AI algorithms or automated content filters.

Key features:

  • Cutting-edge technology that employs advanced algorithms and paraphrase approaches to create unique and original content virtually indistinguishable from human-generated text.
  • An AI detection model trained on 8 different AI detectors, which ensures that the content created is undetectable by AI detectors and provides likely results from multiple different detectors at once.
  • Accuracy in its AI detection remover tool, which guarantees completely humanized outputs. If the content is flagged, the company offers a full refund with no questions asked.
  • The ability to bypass AI detection systems with the most powerful and advanced tool on the market. This feature allows users to create human-like unique content that avoids detection by AI content detectors.



Create content at a scale faster than ever before with INK’s industry-leading SEO Optimization and Semantic Intelligence. Skyrocket your SEO with the first and only patented AI-powered SEO assistant.

Key features:

  • Grow your reach by creating text and visuals 10X faster and easier with patented SEO and user engagement optimization. This optimization increases your reach by 450%.
  • Convert better by using real-time audience research to power your conversion copywriting. INK is the only solution in the market that combines these two features.
  • Protect your brand with safe AI for marketing. INK delivers on this promise, ensuring that AI does not take minutes to ruin a brand that took millions to build.



Writer: Enterprise AI platform that tailors outputs to your brand, adds intelligence, and keeps your data private. Snaps into your data sources and ties AI directly into your team’s workflows.

Key features:

  • Create original content that sounds like your company wrote it in minutes. Writer is the only generative AI platform that can be trained on your own best-performing content and brand guidelines.
  • Optimize the generated content with custom templates that ensure it meets your format, word count, and stylistic constraints.
  • Build a consistent brand with brand governance features like key terms and a style guide. These features allow you to enforce your editorial rules with in-line suggestions for all your writers.
  • Enrich the content with Knowledge Graph, which connects Writer with your most important data sources like company wikis, databases, cloud storage platforms, and chat channels. With this feature, you can reflect your company facts in your output.
  • Enjoy enterprise-grade security. Unlike other AI platforms, Writer won’t use your data in its models. Writer provides the admin and security features users need to meet compliance requirements with SOC 2 Type II, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and Privacy Shield.

Pricing: $18 per user/month

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