Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform, with millions of sellers and buyers. To succeed, you need to optimize many aspects of your online business. AI or artificial intelligence is the technology that helps you automate and improve many tasks, from product suggestions and chatbots to email marketing and fraud detection. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best AI resources for Shopify to increase your sales, conversions and brand.

Best AI resources for Shopify


FlowGPT is a community-driven platform for sharing, discovering, and learning helpful ChatGPT prompts that can increase productivity. It has search and filter options that allow users to easily find prompts related to specific topics or categories, such as writing, productivity, creativity, and more. The platform relies on its community to share and discover helpful ChatGPT prompts, creating a collaborative and dynamic space for productivity enthusiasts

Key features:

  • FlowGPT lets users customize their text generation by choosing from different tones, lengths, formats, and languages. Users can also specify the keywords or topics they want to write about, or use one of the predefined templates for common scenarios.
  • FlowGPT has search and filter options that allow users to easily find prompts related to specific topics or categories, such as writing, productivity, creativity, and more.
  • FlowGPT is a chatbot tool designed to simplify conversation management by enhancing structure and clarity. With its user-friendly canvas interface, users can easily manage conversations while keeping a keen eye on the big picture


Bright Data

Enterprise-grade web data collection service that provides fresh web data using a web scraper IDE, scraping browsers, and offers insights through datasets and analysis.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive datasets covering eCommerce, social media, jobs and other websites
  • Web Scraper IDE with ready-made templates targeting popular websites
  • AI algorithms to clean, structure and process scraped website data
  • Actionable market intelligence and insights on sales, market share, products and suppliers


Miro AI

Miro AI is a creative collaboration and productivity tool that uses AI to help teams unlock their ideas and improve workflows.

Key features:

  •  Auto-generate expansive mind maps from key ideas
  •  Summarize large amounts of content into concise overviews in a few clicks
  •  Create code snippets by writing plain text
  •  Generate visual representations from written descriptions
  •  Produce user stories automatically from feature ideas
  •  Users can expect many more AI features to be added over time

Pricing: is a non-profit organization dedicated to making deep learning accessible to everyone through free courses, an AI library, research, and community.

Key features:

  • Free courses that teach deep learning to coders of all backgrounds
  • Fastai library – Open source deep learning library that makes AI easy to use
  • Cutting-edge AI research
  • Global community of AI practitioners and learners

Pricing: Free


BuildAI enables businesses to easily create their own custom AI-powered web apps without any technical expertise.

Key features:

  • Create AI-powered customer experience apps to impress and captivate customers
  • AI apps are personalized to reflect your business expertise and “voice”
  • Embed AI apps into your own website for a seamless customer experience



Poe is an AI-powered chatbot tool that allows users to interact with the virtual assistant and get instant responses to their queries. The chatbot is named after the famous American author, Edgar Allan Poe, and it is designed to provide users with an easy and interactive experience.

Key features:

  • Natural language understanding – Understands complex sentences and carry coherent conversations on open domains
  • Customizable personality – Can be customized to have specific personality traits and speaking styles
  • Real-time responses – Provides instant replies mimicking human conversation
  • Conversation memory – Remembers context and details from previous exchanges in the conversation
  • Retrieval-based system – Uses vast knowledge databases to retrieve relevant responses instead of generating from scratch
  • Multilingual support – Supports conversations in multiple languages

Pricing: free

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