4. Optimize For Mobile Devices

In a recent research from Oberlo.com:

The share of mobile ecommerce sales in total ecommerce sales has increased a whopping 39.1 percent from its 52.4 percent market share in 2016 to the current 72.9 percent market share.

Put another way, 3/4 online purchases today are made on mobiles.

If your store is not mobile friendly, how can your customer complete her shopping on her phone? Your store assistant refuses to help the customer, so she has to leave immediately.

Don’t let this happen. Be helpful. Assist your customer with a pleasing mobile shopping experience.

5. Use Bottom Navigation in Mobile Web

Everyone prefers to use their thumbs to navigate on the phone. And our thumbs are not growing like the screen sizes each year. Don’t let them have the hard times to reach the hamburger button on top.

Apps like Uber, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram have bottom navigations for a reason. Your mobile web store is not an exception.

It’s amazing that CRO Buttons brings the footer navigation for your Shopify online store. We transform your web into an app-like experience, after a few clicks. And you can make your shop as convenient as big e-commerce sites such as Shopee, Lazada, Flipkart, Shein…

Head over to our tutorial to see the magic.

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